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Empowering the British-Iranian business and professional community through networking and training.

Connecting the British-Iranian business and professional community through networking events

"Economic success of British Iranians is reported to be high, with almost a quarter of settled Iranians being employed at highly paid jobs. At 24.19%, the number of settled Iranians in highly paid jobs is higher than for any other nationality"

BBC NEWS - 18 March 2015

Networking: A Shortcut to Success

Monday, 12 November 2018

Business networking with British-Iranian professionals and young business people - focusing on building relationships.

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Magazine 2018

BiNA® 's Online Business Magazine Launching soon

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Join us and connect to the already thriving British-Iranian Business and Professional community.

BiNA® has been growing organically since its inception and is the most business-focused group of its type within the British-Iranian community in the UK.

It is said that any networking community is as good as its members. Our members and associates are experienced businesspeople and professionals, which is part of its networking criteria.

We are confident that BiNA® is the most successful British-Iranian networking community in the UK.
Networking and Public Speaking Skills training

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