British-Iranians Network Association


Mission Statement

Connecting the British-Iranian business community and professionals through networking events.


  • Empowering the British-Iranian business and professional community through networking and training.
  • Creating business & investment opportunities.
  • Creating a platform for all businesses to promote their product and services to our members and associates.
  • Facilitating useful connections from its growing database of carefully selected contacts.

Company structure

BiNA® stands for British-Iranian Network Association and is the trading name for BiNA® Business Events Limited, which is a registered UK company.

Networking Structure

BiNA® is a network of various activities, mainly business networking events and seminars, business training sessions, social events and art & cultural events.


To join BiNA® as a member, you will need to be invited by an existing member and satisfy its membership criteria. Alternatively, you can go through our application process. It is important that only the right people join the network to maintain the standards of the group and integrity of its constitution.

Members’ Benefits

BiNA®’s primary objective is to generate business for its members through networking events. BiNA® organises various networking events in different environments and locations to maximise the exposure of its members. BiNA® holds regular training sessions covering a wide range of business skills, conducted by industry experts. We also hold business mentoring sessions, where members can discuss business issues and possible solutions for their business problems. There are opportunities for BiNA®’s members to meet like-minded people and investors, learn new skills and promote their business.

Frequently asked questions


What does BiNA® do?
BiNA® connects businesses and professionals through various networking events.
  • BUSINESS CONNECT - BiNA® connects businesses and professionals in the UK, by organising networking events. BiNA®’s round-table discussion group, which focuses on specific topics, is popular with our members. We also organise open networking events where we invite guests and members from other networking groups.
  • BUSINESS TRAINING - BiNA® arranges training events for all business types and levels. These training sessions are heavily discounted for members, however they are open to all. This creates additional opportunities for members to network with other businesses.
  • ART & CULTURE - BiNA® arranges and organises art exhibitions and cultural events. This allows different types of businesses, professionals and artists to network with our members and associates.
  • EVENT MANAGEMENT - BiNA® has been evolving and improving its services and activities since its inception in 2012. We are pleased to announce that we are now undertaking event management, specialising in events focusing on the British-Iranian business community.


How old is BiNA®?
BiNA® was formed in 2012 as a community interest company (CIC). BiNA® has evolved and is now a limited liability company, still focusing on British-Iranian business community in the UK.


How successful is BiNA®?


BiNA® has been growing organically since its inception and is the most business-focused group of its type within the British-Iranian community in the UK. It is said that any networking community is as good as its members. Our members and associates are experienced business people and professionals, which is part of its networking criteria. We are confident that BiNA® is the most successful British-Iranian networking community in the UK.



Is BiNA® for Iranians only?


Anyone can attend our open networking, social and art & culture events. Only members can attend our members-only events, for example some of our roundtable discussions. There is no restriction on nationality. We have had multi-national guests and members including British, Iranian, Greek, French, Chinese, Indian and Lebanese just to name but a few.


Can anyone join BiNA® as a member?
We select members based on their business type and experience and compatibility to existing members. There are certain criteria that must be satisfied before you can join BiNA® as a member. You must be a British citizen or have no residency restrictions in the United Kingdom. You must be able to show that your company is at least two years old, or that you have been in your profession for minimum two years. You must agree to BiNA®’s code of conduct. And finally you must be able to supply two references if we ask for them.

Do you accept all businesses to join BiNA®?
BiNA® is a networking organisation. Like all other networking organisations, it realises that networking is suitable for “all businesses”, but not for “everyone”. If you are an experienced networker, or you are keen to learn to network or improve your networking skills and expand your contact sphere in an environment that can benefit you, and your business, then you can and should join BiNA®.

Does BiNA® have any political affiliations?
No! BiNA® has never had any affiliation with any political groups, and has no plans to change its direction. We are purely focused on business networking to improve our members businesses.

British-Iranian Network Association

The British-Iranian Network Association (BiNA®) was formed in 2012 by a group of businessmen to connect like-minded people through business training and networking events.