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BiNA®‘s 1st Annual Picnic


BiNA®‘s 1st Annual Picnic
Kenwood Park


Venue Description

DATE: Sunday 4th August 2013

TIME - walkers: 10:00 am

TIME - picnic: 12:00 pm

ENTERTAINMENT: Live traditional Persian music

FOOD: Various Persian dishes. Please see below

YOU NEED: To bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on and your own alcoholic beverages

BiNA® Walking Club

BiNA® walkers are planning to go for a walk before the picnic. If you are interested, please be at the meeting point before 10:00 am.

Food & Drink

If you would like us to get your food for you, please confirm by return of this email and let us know how many by Wednesday 31st July, lunch time. We will supply food and soft drinks. Alternatively, you can bring your own. We will not be supplying any alcoholic beverages, you can bring your own.

If you are going to pay BiNA® for your food, this is what you can expect to have on the day: kashk bademjoon, mirza ghasemi, salad olivieh, non-sabzi, bandari saudages, koko sabzi, kotlet and bread. We will also supply softdrinks: dogh, coke, water.


There will be a couple of traditional Iranian musicians to liven up the occasion.


If you are interested in playing backgammon, please bring your set. If enough interest is shown we will make it a tournament.

Weather prediction

According to the BBC weather, it will be around 25 degrees and sunny with occasional clouds. So in other words, it's a perfect picnic weather.


For full details of how to get to Kenwood Park please click here: