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How To Build Rapport And Network Better


How To Build Rapport And Network Better
Blackfriars, London


Do you enjoy Business Networking?

According to Virgin, 85% of people prefer face to face networking as it builds stronger, more meaningful business relationships.

You will learn how to:
  • Make a great first impression, and why this is critical to all communication
  • Build rapport quickly, add value to people, and get what you need
  • Enjoy the experience of business networking and building better business relationships

Requirements for the course:

No phones for on for this event please. If you are expecting an important call, please attend at a later date.


About Adam

Adam Shaw Adam is a communications and stress expert, and The Heart Guy. After qualifying as a nurse trainer in 1995, he taught these skills to student nurses in many different customer-facing environments. Learning how to build rapport quickly with people is critical in a busy hospital admissions setting. Becoming a qualified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming taught him the principles and science of rapport-building, which he had developed naturally through his roles as a nurse, banker, counsellor, and restaurant manager. He's worked in 4 different continents, with many cultures, and runs an alternative business network.

Adam is also a member of BiNA®, who are co-hosting this event.

Seats are limited so please book early.

Adam Shaw Business Events
Adam Shaw Business Events